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The idea to create a database for Shagya Arabian horses came from Alfred Zingg. It placed his knowledge in computer programming at the disposal and Elisabeth and Bruno Furrer contributed their long experience in the making of pedigrees and studbooks. Innumerable hours of work and software accuisitions were put into this project before a first version was presented to the ISG (legislative period 1992 to 1999, Sigfried Frei). The idea behind this database is for one to provide Shagya Arabian associations with a free-of-charge tool supporting them in issuing breeding papers. Secondly, the information compiled in this data base may come in handy for all associations in the making of new studbooks. Besides, by using this tool horse breeding associations might save a lot of time and money. And last but not least this database might serve as an orientation guide. Unfortunately, this project was buried by the new board of the ISG succeeding the legislative period of Sigi Frei. Certain "Arabian popes" with little, or no knowledge in data processing distinguished themselves by holding the funeral eulogy. In order not to have worked so hard in vain the programmer and the accumulators of data decided to continue this project nonetheless.

Thus this database was accepted only by few of the Shagya Arabian associations and breeders even though at the beginning of 2004 more than 15000 Shagya Arabians and horses closely related to the Shagya Arabian breed were registered.

In most cases ancestors of living horses can be traced all the way back to their roots by a simple mouse click. However, this database does claim neither completeness nor perfection. On an honorary basis, experts constantly feed the database with their latest findings and correct and complete its data.

A first version of this database was implemented in 1995. The programme was constantly improved and adapted to the contentwise and technical demands. Thus in 1997 it was compiled as a 32 bit application and is suited since 2004 to be run on the internet. Below you will find a "light version" which you may use free of charge. With joy the responsible persons for this database observe, that in 2006 approximately 10'000 investigations per month were made on the internet version of this database. Hence reason triumphed over the ignorance of a short-sighted executive board!

The creators of this data base cannot be held responsible for errors or misinterpretations. You may use the Shagya Arabian database at your own risk!

ADDITIONAL: Kladruby horses, as a particular hobby of Dr. Dr. h. c. Johannes E. Flade †2011

The database has been supervised honorarily by:
Dr. Dr. h. c. Johannes Erich Flade, Haus Nr. 54, D-23968 Fliemstorf †2011 / E. + B. Furrer, Oberdorfstrasse 10, CH-8500 Gerlikon, to 2016 / Data and reports over errors are contributed by many competent specialists! Special thanks to them for the often laborious investigations and the insight that this database is useful for the friends and breeders of the Shagya Arabian horse.

Program: © 1997, Alfred Zingg, box 74, CH-3176 Neuenegg
Data layout: © 1997, Elisabeth + Bruno Furrer, Oberdorfstr. 10, CH-8500 Gerlikon