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1. Designation of a horse

The clear designation of a horse is only possible with the following indications:
Name, year of birth, birthplace, sex. .

As birthplace uses the residence of the breeder with the abbreviation of country placed ahead. For large known stud farms, the name of the stud farm. In the data base a letter is used for the sex (H = stallion, S = mare, and W = gelding).

Amor, 1971, D-Ankum, H 841 Shagya I, 1940, Palánka, H , etc. this designation is, as it is always single, the key of the horse in the data base.

2. Name of a horse

By the exchange of the horses over all Europe, and the traditional modifications of name (in much of stud farm name = number) the identification of a horse became difficult. We thus differentiate in this data base a main name and several names . Names are recognized owing to the fact that it always have a bracket with in maximum 3 signs as abbreviation of the country or stud farm where they are registered.

Stallion 841 Shagya I born in 1940 in Palánka, is in Bábolna Shagya XXXVII , is in the data base 841 Shagya I, 1940, Palánka, H and Shagya XXXVII (Báb), 1940, Palánka, H . Amor obtained in Bábolna the name Gazal XII , thus it is too Gazal XII (Báb) , D-Ankum, H .
In the family trees of this data base, for each name, one also always indicates the main name. Unfortunately, the attribution of the names is often difficult, thus, the main name should not always be the first names of the horse, the most known name can also be the main name.

3. search a horse

If one search a horse with the name, one cannot always know if it is now the principal name, or only the name, whether there is a number before or after. This is why the data base allows also a "inaccurate research". The sign % can be placed for an arbitrary number of unknown signs. One seeks Gazal XII thus best with the entry Gazal XII% , and one will find also it Gazal XII (Báb) Also the before numbers are not always known. If one seeks with the entry %Shagya I one will find the 841 Shagya I .

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