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4. Shagya Arabians and pure-breed Arabians

That is a data base for pedigrees of Shagya Arabians!
Following definitions different from the central sydicats, various horses are in accordance with definition of the WAHO pure-breed Arabians and not Shagya Arabians, such as for example with the descendants from the "30 Maria, 1842, England, S", bay, xx.
The descendants from the "30 Maria, 1842, England, S", English thoroughbred (xx), are for the ISG and the attached organizations of the Shagya Arabians, because the 30 Maria xx in relation to Shagya Arabians was recognized like mare founder (family of mares) of the Shagya Arabian breeding.
In accordance with the definition of the WAHO, an pure-breed Arabian is a horse recognized by the WAHO. The 30 Maria xx was recognized by the WAHO, in relation with pure-breed Arabians as an pure-breed Arabian. Thus, for the pure-breed Arabian breeding, the descendants are pure-breed Arabians.

5. Year of birth

The year of birth belongs to the key in the data base. Thus, it must be entered imperatively. For old horses, it is not always known. Thus, a year less than 1600 is entered. Years of birth less than 1600 must be regarded as unknown!

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